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Are kneeling chairs suitable for any type of office?


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Kneeling Chair Benefits

Tilting the pelvis forward not only enables correct spinal alignment and posture when sitting, it also improves breathing, circulation and digestion. More…
Sitting with the hips higher than the knees can also increase freedom of movement and improve reach. More…
Kneeling chairs are also good for pregnant women, particularly in later stages of pregnancy, as less pressure is placed on the womb. More…
Poor posture is often developed from working environments that do not support proper spinal alignment, or do not fit the individual’s needs. More…
Compression on the discs of the lumbar spine is relieved by as much as 35% when seated in a kneeling posture. More…
Kneeling chairs come with different levels of adjustability, so each individual can find their optimum sitting position. More…
Continued use of kneeling chairs increases muscle strength in the abdominals and back. More…
Kneeling chairs are suitable for adults, teenagers and children both at home and in the office. More…
A kneeling chair reduces muscle tension and strain and therefore reduces the risk of injury while seated. More…
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“I just want to say thanks again for the terrific chair” Read more

“I work long hours at a computer and was concerned about my posture” Read more

“The chair seemed the best balance between functionality and price” Read more

What our customers say

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QDOS Kneeling Chair

I bought the QDOS kneeling chair because one of our staff members has problems with his back. He finds the chair really comfortable and he has not complained at all at the end of the day about soreness and stiffness in his back — Now EVERYONE wants one of THOSE chairs. — L. Foran, NSW
I just want to say thanks again for the terrific chair — My 15 year old son ended up erecting it for me — he’s much better than I am with those things.
It’s taking a bit of getting used to as its much different from a normal computer chair, but I’m finding with use it becomes more natural and I can certainly see that it is better for my back.
Thanks again — Tony Lee, NSW

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Jobri Wood Accent Kneeling Chair

I bought the Jobri Kneeling Chair Accent Wood because I have ongoing back problems due to scoliosis, since then my back and posture have immensely improved. I’d also like to say — please continue the great range of orthopaedic products. — P. Clark, NSW
I had medical reasons for purchasing the kneeling chair, I work long hours at a computer and was concerned about my posture. It is so comfortable to sit on, I can feel an improvement in my posture, even when I’m relaxed! This is a high quality product.
Thank you for providing a user friendly website and fast delivery. I am very impressed! — L. Stelter, NSW

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Jobri Deluxe Kneeling Chair

I’ve found the Jobri Deluxe kneeling chair to be excellent so far! I bought it as I don’t sit correctly in my office chair and have noticed an increase in lower back pain recently.
A number of people in my office have also reported similar problems, and my role is to try and assist them. I’m seriously considering recommending this type of chair. &mdash A. Walsh, WA
I bought the Jobri deluxe kneeling chair for another employee at work. I was using one already in the office and after trying mine we bought another as it suited their needs. The service was very prompt and efficient. — K. Zeller, QLD
I bought the jobri deluxe kneeling chair for my partner who needed a better chair for working at the computer. The chair seemed the best balance between functionality and price for us, and it definitely serves as a better chair for my partner than the last one. — M.Hoxey, WA