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Are kneeling chairs suitable for any type of office?


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Kneeling Chair Benefits

Kneeling chairs come with different levels of adjustability, so each individual can find their optimum sitting position. More…
Tilting the pelvis forward not only enables correct spinal alignment and posture when sitting, it also improves breathing, circulation and digestion. More…
Poor posture is often developed from working environments that do not support proper spinal alignment, or do not fit the individual’s needs. More…
Kneeling chairs are suitable for adults, teenagers and children both at home and in the office. More…
Continued use of kneeling chairs increases muscle strength in the abdominals and back. More…
Sitting with the hips higher than the knees can also increase freedom of movement and improve reach. More…
A kneeling chair reduces muscle tension and strain and therefore reduces the risk of injury while seated. More…
Compression on the discs of the lumbar spine is relieved by as much as 35% when seated in a kneeling posture. More…
Kneeling chairs are also good for pregnant women, particularly in later stages of pregnancy, as less pressure is placed on the womb. More…
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What is a Kneeling Chair?

A kneeling chair is an ergonomic chair that provides a kneeling-like sitting position. It increases the angle between the torso and thighs by tilting the pelvis forward and dropping the thighs below the hips. The shins provide a second point of contact with the chair, via a shin pad, so the body does not slide forward off the chair. This sitting position encourages correct spinal alignment.

Despite the name, the knees do not bear any of the body’s weight. Rather, weight is distributed between the back, thighs and shins, instead of solely in the lower back. As a result, compressive forces in the spine and associated back pain are minimized while sitting.

Kneeling chairs are known by many other names including Yoga Chair, knee chair, balance chair, Kneel sit chair, posture chair and Norwegian chair.